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1-1 Personal Training:
45 minutes - £50
60 minutes - £60


2-1 Personal Training:
Perfect for friends or couples.

45 minutes - £65 
60 minutes - £75
Small group training:
  We offer small group training, should you wish to train with friends or colleagues. Max 6 people in a group. 
45 minutes small group - £75 per session (£12.50 per person based on 6 people)
60 minutes - £85 per session (£14 per person based on 6 people)
Large Group CLASSES:
For more information on the classes we currently offer please contact us. 
All Personal Training is done at clients homes if they have a well equipped gym or in our studio in Mayfield, East Sussex.
Programme Generation (4 weeks):
A programme will be developed based on your goals and equipment available at your home or local gym.
Our Trainer will develop a programme which you can do for 4 weeks and then you can review and have a new programme developed. 
Programmes cost £40 each per 4 week period. If you train 4  times a week this will work out at £2.50 per session and we will provide you with a way of recording your weights used each week to track progress.
  If you wish to have a split programme devised for different workout days during the week at the gym, this is also possible and will cost £40 per split. 
  • Monday - Glutes £40
  • Tuesday - Back and Biceps £40...

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