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Cross Fit Class


Providing you with the most up to date and safe training fundamentals and equipment. We are are an Independent company specialising in:

  • Strength and Conditioning 

  • Posture Correction

  • Functional Training 

  • Injury Prevention 

  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise 

  • Elderly Exercise 

  • Sports Specific Training 

  • Nutrition Guidance 


Get to Know Us

We offer a variety of different Training Options to suit your needs. 

1 - 1 Personal Training in Person 

2 - 1 Personal Training in Person 

Small Group Training in Person (you and your friends)

Programme Planning Service for you to do at your local Gym - Online Document 

Pre Natal Small Group Training in Person 

Post Natal Small Group Training in Person 

We do offer the option for Online training via WhatsApp or Zoom 

Programme Plans and weekly check ins with your trainer 

What do you want to get from your workout?

We offer a wide variety of training methods to suit the individual, covering all aspects of fitness in the Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas. 

The personal Workout Company aim to deliver a PERSONALISED WORKOUT service to you using the most up to date, well respected forms of training ensuring you meet your fitness goals. 

You choose the location (home gym or our Mayfield studio), or online (allowing you to train when on holiday), or the type of programme you would like to have generated to do in your own time. We work by delivering every client a completely bespoke package of exercise prescription that is unique to them. 

Our Client demographic is very varied from the more elderley (83 yrs!), to teens and everyone in between! All our clients have different reasons for training and we will do our best to accommodate everyone! 

We offer weekly check ins with our online and programme clients and are always here to offer motivation and support through email and whatsapp. 

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